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In her search for painting subjects, Regina Nieke is predominantly inspired by images of figures that leave a striking impression. In her works, it comes down to consolidate this emotional moment within the framework of the human form. This snapshot is staged through the painterly representation of motion within the figure itself. Here, the figurative element and the motion remain minimalistic, yet sufficient in their expression to demonstrate the desired emotional expression. This consciously prevents any concrete specification of the figurative element.


Her works focus on the painterly concentrations and accents that make up a substantial portion of figurative elements: these are put in motion and no concrete personality of any portrayed figure is made apparent.


Regina Nieke’s figures appear to be alive, as if their motion is caught within a momentary snapshot. The movements of these figurative elements are expressed using Regina Nieke’s characteristic style, with a variety of painting techniques, glazed and pastose paint application, and the addition of different tools such as squeegees, spatulas and spray cans. Her special technique in dealing with paint creates a collage-like final result. The liveliness of the paintings deprives the portrayed figurative element of its loneliness.


The images are based on many different paintings from all of art history and were inspired by modern, figurative imagery. These two elements are merged in Regina Nieke’s works to create an entirely new perspective.




“The true and interesting life of a human being is played out in hiding, as if under the veil of night ... Every personal existence is a mystery.” (Anton Pawlowitsch Tschechow, 1860 - 1904)



Robert Lucander, 2015

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