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Untitled (The Walker 4), 2015, acrylic/ watercolour on cotton, 60x80cm

An astonishing calm and lightness emanates from the paintings of Regina Nieke, whose canvas is permeated by thin, fluid colour. The glazed array of colour comple­tely occupies the pictorial world. Sometimes the coloured space is permeated by luminous veils creating a striped effect; sometimes light trains of colours stream across the canvas, breaking up the space. Fixed points emerge in the unreal, floating landscape of colours: little ships or sometimes just shadowy figures insert themselves in the pictorial space. The profundity of the space invites viewers to lose themselves in the atmospheric structures of colour, while their gaze is chained by the melancholy loneliness of the figure.



Ann-Sophie Achterkamp, 2016



© Regina Nieke /

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